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Bendis Has Miles To Go with

Bendis Has Miles To Go with "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man"

Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli kick off the adventures of Miles Morales, the Ultimate U's new Spidey in September's "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" #1. We spoke with the writer about the new hero.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel reveals "Death of Spider-Man" Variant Polybags

Bagley, Yu Cover

Bagley, Yu Cover "Death of Spider-Man"

Marvel Comics has unveiled two new covers from the upcoming "Death of Spider-Man" set to hit the Ultimate Marvel Universe in early 2011, one by Spidey artist Mark Bagley and the other by Leinil Francis Yu.

McGuinness, McNiven Cover

McGuinness, McNiven Cover "Death of Spider-Man"

Marvel Comics has released cover art for "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" #153 and 154 by Ed McGuinness and Steve McNiven, part of the "Death of Spider-Man" story arc on sale in February, 2011.

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