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Pop! - 6/8/2011

Pop! - 6/8/2011

George examines superstar artist Ron Garney's career path from re-discovering the medium with "Secret Wars" to working on titles like "Captain America" with Mark Waid and "Wolverine" with Jason Aaron.


REVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Captain America" #1

Benjamin Birdie gave "Ultimate Comics Captain America" #1 3.5 stars, calling Jason Aaron and Ron Garney's tale of two Caps from different eras facing off a "fair stretch above your usually mindless superheroics."

Aaron Enlists

Aaron Enlists "Ultimate Comics Captain America"

With the debut of Aaron & Garney's "Ultimate Comics Captain America" just over a month out, Marvel was to hold a press conference call with Aaron. The call was cancelled moments after it began.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics Captain America" #1

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Ultimate Comics Captain America" #1 by writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney. The Caps of World War II and Vietnam collide January 5, 2011!

Where The Hell Am I - 10/20/2010

Where The Hell Am I - 10/20/2010

Jason Aaron spoke with CBR TV about "Where the Hell Am I," his career in comics to date, developing "Ultimate Comics Captain America" with Ron Garney, his favorite artists to work with and much more!

NYCC: Super Soldiers Clash in

NYCC: Super Soldiers Clash in "Ultimate Comics Captain America"

In Jason Aaron and Ron Garney's "Ultimate Comics Captain America," the Ultimate U's Cap faces off against a product of a tumultuous period in American history, the Captain America of the Vietnam War.