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PRESS RELEASE: Marvel's "Ultimate Comics" Universe Makes History in 2012


PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #3

Marvel has released an early look at Nick Spencer and Paco Medina's November-releasing "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #3 as Stryker and the Purifiers set their sites on Kitty Pryde, Iceman and the Human Torch.

X-POSITION: Nick Spencer's

X-POSITION: Nick Spencer's "Ultimate" Journey

What’s the difference between the Ultimate X-Men and those "Schism"-suffering mutants? "Ultimate Comics X-Men" writer Nick Spencer explains it all and more in this week's installment.


REVIEW: "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #1

Nick Spencer's "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #1 was given 3 stars by CBR reviewer Doug Zawisza who called Spencer and Paco Medina's debut issue "a prologue of an actual story still waiting to be told."

Spencer Mutates the World of

Spencer Mutates the World of "Ultimate Comics X-Men"

In the new series from Nick Spencer and Paco Medina, the X-Men must not only protect a world that hates and fears them, but survive it. Spencer discusses his plans for the title with CBR.

Marvel Comics On Sale September 21, 2011

Marvel Comics On Sale September 21, 2011

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you advance looks at new titles on sale next Wednesday including "Captain America" #3, "Daredevil" #4, "Hulk" #41, "Ultimate Comics Hawkeye" #2 and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Bagley Contributes "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #1 Variant Cover


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #1

Marvel has released an advance look at "Ultimate Comics X-Men" #1, written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Paco Medina. The series launches September 14 with a cover by Kaare Andrews.


Marvel's "Ultimate Comics X-Men"

Marvel's second "Ultimate Universe Reborn" call Tuesday afternoon revealed that Nick Spencer and Paco Medina will launch "Ultimate Comics X-Men" in September. Spencer was on hand to discuss the series and new status quo.