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Marvel's Next Big Thing

Marvel's Next Big Thing "Uncanny X-Force" Call

Marvel's press conference with "Uncanny X-Force" writer Rick Remender and editor Axel Alonso revealed new details about the series, including a rekindled romance and how Fantomex and Deadpool fit in the secret team.


TRAILER: "Uncanny X-Force"

Marvel Comics has unveiled a spoilerific trailer for "Uncanny X-Force" #1, the new ongoing series by Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña, revealing the first mission for Wolverine and Archangel's unsanctioned black-ops team.

Remender Readies the

Remender Readies the "Uncanny X-Force"

Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opena kick off their new ongoing series "Uncanny X-Force" in October. CBR News spoke with Remender about the individual cast members of the book and his plans for the series.

Marvel Announces Uncanny X-Force Day

Marvel Announces Uncanny X-Force Day

In celebration of the X-Men black ops team's new series, Marvel Comics has declared October 6th Uncanny X-Force Day, offering retailers special edition party favors, invitations, incentive covers and more.