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PREVIEW: "Borb" Explores The "Slapstick Vagabond Archetype"

Collected in April by Uncivilized Books, Jason Little's webcomic pays homage to Depression-era comic strips like "Little Orphan Annie" and "Gasoline Alley."

PREVIEW: David B.'s

PREVIEW: David B.'s "Incidents In The Night Book 2"

The mystery deepens in the follow-up to David B.'s Eisner-nominated 2013 graphic novel involving occult conspiracies and a mysterious 19th-century journal.

MariNaomi Reveals The Uncomfortable Truth Behind

MariNaomi Reveals The Uncomfortable Truth Behind "Dragon's Breath"

The cartoonist talks about her book of true stories, publishing comics online and maintaining the Cartoonists of Color and LGBTQ Cartoonists databases.

Gabrielle Bell Proves

Gabrielle Bell Proves "Truth is Fragmentary"

Acclaimed cartoonist Gabrielle Bell talks about her new book of diaries and travelogues, collaborating on "Siberia," fiction versus memoir and more.

"Beta Testing" Tom Kaczynski's "Trans Terra"

Cartoonist and publisher Tom Kaczynski talks about his recent collection "Beta Testing the Apocalypse," his upcoming "Trans Terra," running a publishing house and the new Autopic Comics Show.

Jon Lewis Returns to the

Jon Lewis Returns to the "True Swamp"

Cartoonist Jon Lewis talks about the new edition of his classic comic "True Swamp" from Uncivilized Books, why he returned to the project years later, remembers the '90s Seattle comics scene, and more.

Romberger Takes Readers to

Romberger Takes Readers to "Post York"

Artist James Romberger tells CBR about his new comic set in a flooded New York City from Uncivilized Books and the new edition of "7 Miles a Second," out from Fantagraphics in February.

Gabrielle Bell Moves On After

Gabrielle Bell Moves On After "Mome"

Cartoonist Gabrielle Bell discusses the final issue of "Mome," privacy in autobiographical comics and the struggle to craft the perfect short story.