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Duggan & White Officiate the Wedding of

Duggan & White Officiate the Wedding of "Deadpool"

"Deadpool" co-writer Gerry Duggan and editor Jordan D. White talk to CBR about the merc's impending nuptials and the all-star guests celebrating with him.

X-POSITION: Duggan Retro-Fits

X-POSITION: Duggan Retro-Fits "Deadpool"

"Deadpool" co-writer Gerry Duggan joins X-POSITION to discuss the series' fake inventory issues, his team-up with Captain America and Wolverine and the book's unconventional co-stars. Plus, exclusive art!


PREVIEW: "Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies" #2

DC Comics has released a preview of "Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies" #2, which reveals the origins of the Atlantean and Amazon war.

Rob Zombie Wonders

Rob Zombie Wonders "Whatever Happened To Baron Von Shock?"

CBR spoke with Zombie and his collaborators about his latest comic book series centered on the sudden rise and fall of television star Baron Von Shock and his journey to reclaim control over his life.

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