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Cornell Sends

Cornell Sends "Demon Knights" To Hell

"Demon Knights" writer Paul Cornell discussed the series' upcoming arc which sends the Arthurian-era super team them to Hell to match wits against Lucifer himself, the Horsewoman's connection to the Red and more.


REVIEW: "DC Universe Presents" #9

Doug Zawisza gives "DC Universe Presents" #9 by James Robinson and Bernard Chang 4.5 stars saying, "Robinson has personally redeemed the title and cultivated my interest in Vandal Savage."

Robinson Takes Vandal Savage To

Robinson Takes Vandal Savage To "DCU Presents"

The writer behind "The Shade" and the upcoming "Earth 2" reinvents another DC Comics Golden Age villain with an FBI thriller in "DC Universe Presents" as James Robinson writes Vandal Savage for Bernard Chang.

PRESS RELEASE: Phil Morris Reprises Vandal Savage for "Justice League: Doom"

Lex Luthor: Cornell's Man of

Lex Luthor: Cornell's Man of "Action"

Paul Cornell spoke with us about his upcoming "Action Comics" annual starring Lex Luthor, how the supervillain's story ties into Nick Spencer's Jimmy Olsen co-feature and when he'll finally write the Man of Steel.