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"American Vampire Anthology" Includes Rucka, Cloonan, Simone & More

Vertigo Comics has announced "American Vampire Anthology," an 80-page special based in the world of Scott Snyder & Rafael Albuquerque's "American Vampire" releasing August 7.

New Details On

New Details On "The Wolf Among Us" "Fables" Video Game

A recent feature in Game Informer magazine reveals new screenshots and details for "The Wolf Among Us," Telltale Games' upcoming video game based on the "Fables" Vertigo Comics series.

C2E2: Brian Wood Discusses

C2E2: Brian Wood Discusses "Star Wars," "The Massive" & More

Fan-favorite creator Brian Wood discussed his vast library of work during a panel at C2E2, covering everything from "Star Wars" & "Conan" to "The Massive" & "X-Men" and beyond.

Cornell & Kelly's

Cornell & Kelly's "Saucer Country" May Return In Early 2014

Less than three weeks after Vertigo released the final issue of Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly's "Saucer Country," the writer teases the sci-fi thriller could be back on shelves as early as February.


PREVIEW: "Fables" #128

Vertigo has released a preview of "Fables" #128 by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha and Andrew Pepoy. At Castle Dark, Bigby Wolf confronts Prince Brandish for the hand of Snow White April 17.

Tom Strong Returns In July With Hogan and Sprouse's

Tom Strong Returns In July With Hogan and Sprouse's "Planet Of Peril"

Ahead of the release of its Vertigo solicitations, DC Comics has announced that Chris Sprouse and Peter Hogan's long-teased "Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril" will debut in July.

CBR TV @ WC13: Scott Snyder On

CBR TV @ WC13: Scott Snyder On "The Wake," "Superman Unchained"

Scott Snyder relaxed in the CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon as he talked about the upcoming oceanic horror series "The Wake" with artist Sean Murphy and what to expect from his and Jim Lee's "Superman Unchained."

WC13: DC 101 Hosts Hype DC Entertainment Projects, Tease

WC13: DC 101 Hosts Hype DC Entertainment Projects, Tease "Teen Wolf" Fans

At WonderCon's DC 101 panel, SVP John Cunningham and writer Scott Lobdell teased animated Vertigo adaptations and highlighted upcoming movies & TV shows while facing off with "Teen Wolf" fans.

Busiek & Anderson's

Busiek & Anderson's "Astro City" Returns Under Vertigo Banner

Less than a month after announcing that Astro City will return in June as part of “DC proper,” DC COmics has revealed Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's superhero series will actually be released under the Vertigo banner.

Snyder & Murphy Tackle The Primal Fear Of The Unknown In

Snyder & Murphy Tackle The Primal Fear Of The Unknown In "The Wake"

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean Murphy discuss their new Vertigo miniseries, "The Wake," explaining why the ocean will always terrify the human race.

WC13: DC All Access

WC13: DC All Access

DC Comics kicked off WonderCon 2013 with an overview of things to come for both the DC Universe and the publisher's Vertigo imprint in a panel featuring some of the industry's top talent.

TRADE WAITING: Carey & Gross Open

TRADE WAITING: Carey & Gross Open "The Wound" on "The Unwritten"

With the seventh "The Unwritten" collection on sale, CBR spoke with Mike Carey & Peter Gross about the ever-expanding universe of their Vertigo hit, also teasing their "Fables" crossover and upcoming OGN.

PRESS RELEASE: Telltale & DC Entertainment Announce "Wolf Among Us" Game Based on "Fables"


Telltale's "Fables" Game Is "The Wolf Among Us"

Telltale Games, the studio behind "The Walking Dead" game, has revealed "The Wolf Among Us," the final title for its "Fables" game that focuses on Bigby Wolf.

Traversing the Fabletown and Beyond Convention

Traversing the Fabletown and Beyond Convention

ROBOT 6's Michael May recaps his experience at Bill Willingham's Fabletown and Beyond convention, calling the show "completely focused on comics and a uniquely intimate experience."


PREVIEW: "The Unwritten" #47

Vertigo Comics has released a preview of "The Unwritten" #47 by Mike Carey and Peter Gross. While on his quest to bring Lizzie back from the dead, Tom Taylor confronts the ruler of Hades March 27.

Azzarello Deepens

Azzarello Deepens "Wonder Woman," The New Gods & "Brother Lono"

As his New 52 take on the Amazon superheroine with artist Cliff Chiang enters its next New Gods-driven arc, Brian Azzarello has reinvention on his mind while he also preps a return to the world of "100 Bullets."


PREVIEW: "Fables" #127

Vertigo Comics has released a preview of "Fables" #127 by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham. Prince Brandish continues his ruthless act while Beast is forced to seek out unusual help March 20.

Murphy Reflects On

Murphy Reflects On "Punk Rock Jesus," Looks Toward The Future

Writer/artist Sean Murphy spoke with CBR News about the next stage of his career as the collection of his acclaimed "Punk Rock Jesus" is set to hit stores and he launches "The Wake" with writer Scott Snyder.

PREVIEW: Bill Willingham's

PREVIEW: Bill Willingham's "Fairest" #14

Vertigo has released an early look at Bill Willingham and Barry Kitson's "Fairest" #14, a special one-shot tale of love in Fabletown. Romance blooms on April 3.

Snyder & Albuquerque Craft

Snyder & Albuquerque Craft "American Vampire: The Long Road To Hell" In June

Creative team Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque return to the "American Vampire" world with "The Long Road To Hell" #1, centering on fan-favorite vampire hunter Travis Kidd. The issue hits stores June 12.

ECCC: Williams Handles Epic Heroes In

ECCC: Williams Handles Epic Heroes In "Fairest" And "Artful Daggers"

Writer Sean E. Williams spoke with CBR about his Indian-Fables arc in Vertigo's "Fairest" and his just-announced at ECCC Monkeybrain Comics digital series "Artful Daggers."

Vertigo Showcases

Vertigo Showcases "Time Warp" Anthology Art

Vertigo is doing the "Time Warp" again, reviving the science-fiction anthology in March. Today, the DC Comics imprint debuts images from the one-shot by I.N.J. Culbard, Andy Mac Donald, Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire.

Vertigo Announces

Vertigo Announces "The Unwritten" Original Graphic Novel

Vertigo expands upon Mike Carey and Peter Gross' acclaimed fantasy series "The Unwritten" in September with an original graphic novel called "The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor & the Ship That Sank Twice."

Vertigo Announces

Vertigo Announces "Fables Encyclopedia," "Fairest: In All the Land" OGN

Vertigo expands its "Fables" franchise in the form of the "Fables Encyclopedia," written by Jess Nevins with an Adam Hughes cover, and a hardcover OGN featuring short stories written by creator Bill WIllingham.

PREVIEW: The Final Issue of

PREVIEW: The Final Issue of "Hellblazer"

DC Comics and Vertigo have released a preview of the final issue of "Hellblazer." The creative team of Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli and cover artist Simon Bisley say goodbye to John Constantine on February 20.

COMMITTED: Lemire Discusses Keeping John Constantine

COMMITTED: Lemire Discusses Keeping John Constantine "Real"

CSBG's resident concerned John Constantine fan Sonia Harris spoke with incoming "Constantine" writer Jeff Lemire about his take on the character in the DCU and taking on the legacy of the Vertigo staple.

Gross, Buckingham Illustration Teases

Gross, Buckingham Illustration Teases "The Unwritten"/"Fables" Crossover

A new image released by Vertigo and illustrated by Peter Gross and Mark Buckingham teases the upcoming crossover with Bill WIllingham's "Fables" in the pages of Mike Carey and Gross' "The Unwritten."

Fawkes Makes Magic with

Fawkes Makes Magic with "Constantine"

Ray Fawkes discusses his and Jeff Lemire's approach to "Constantine" and how the solo series will present the one time Vertigo mainstay in a different light than his "Justice League Dark" appearances.

Willingham's First Lady of

Willingham's First Lady of "Fables" Celebrated in Next Arc

Creator Bill Willingham talks about the landmark 125th issue of his hit Vertigo featuring the start of a new arc, Snow White's secret origin and teases the possible death Bigby Wolf.

SWEET TOOTH FINALE: Lindelof Interviews Lemire, Part II

SWEET TOOTH FINALE: Lindelof Interviews Lemire, Part II

In the second half of Damon Lindelof's interview with Jeff Lemire about "Sweet Tooth's" finale, the two discuss artistic influences, the 'Lemire Universe' and more.

SWEET TOOTH FINALE: Damon Lindelof Interviews Jeff Lemire, Part I

SWEET TOOTH FINALE: Damon Lindelof Interviews Jeff Lemire, Part I

Damon Lindelof, the co-creator of "Lost," interviews Jeff Lemire about the close of the writer/artist's critically acclaimed Vertigo series "Sweet Tooth."

5-STAR REVIEW: Lemire's

5-STAR REVIEW: Lemire's "Sweet Tooth" #40

Doug Zawisza gives Jeff Lemire's "Sweet Tooth" #40 5 stars, calling the creator's final issue of the series "quite simply the best single-issue story in the story of the boy with antlers."

Reggie Hudlin Adapts Tarantino's

Reggie Hudlin Adapts Tarantino's "Django Unchained" For Vertigo

"Django Unchained" film producer Reggie Hudlin talks about his role officially adapting Quentin Tarantino's screenplay to comic form for Vertigo, as well as the future of black heroes in Hollywood.

Lemire and Lindelof

Lemire and Lindelof "Time Warp" with Rip Hunter

Jeff Lemire and Damon Lindelof discuss their collaboration for Vertigo's upcoming science-fiction anthology "Time Warp" and their big plans for future partnerships, in comics and beyond.

Comics A.M. - Disney Reportedly Tightening Belt, Mulling Layoffs

Comics A.M. - Disney Reportedly Tightening Belt, Mulling Layoffs

Following purchases of Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, Disney eyes cost-cutting measures! Another look at the Shooter Era of Marvel! Lemire on the end of "Sweet Tooth"! The waning of rage comics! Rob Guillory on "Chew"! More!


PREVIEW: "Fairest" #11

Vertigo Comics has released a preview of "Fairest" #11 by Lauren Beukes and Inaki Miranda, featuring cover art by Adam Hughes. Rapunzel's adventure in Japan continues January 9.


REVIEW: "Punk Rock Jesus" #6

Kelly Thompson gives "Punk Rock Jesus" #6 4.5 stars, calling the conclusion to Sean Murphy's Vertigo miniseries "breathtaking, fearless and exactly the kind of comics the medium needs more of."


REVIEW: "American Vampire" #34

Doug Zawisza gives "American Vampire" #34 4.5 stars, calling Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's final issue before the series break "a collage of imagery that teases what is yet to come when [the series] returns from hiatus."

Revisit CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2012

Revisit CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2012

With 2012 over, take another look at the insanely-strong group of comics that conquered CBR's Top 100 of the Year list, from creator-owned hits that dominated to the superhero titles that rose above and much more.