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Roberson has

Roberson has "iZombie" on the Brain

"iZombie" creator and writer Chris Roberson spoke with CBR News about working with series co-owner and artist Mike Allred, how to write female characters and reclaiming the undead from the zombie apocalypse.

SPINOFF: DJ Caruso Inks

SPINOFF: DJ Caruso Inks "Preacher" Deal

Director DJ Caruso has announced that he has inked a deal to direct a live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Vertigo series, "Preacher." SPINOFF has details and looks at the project's long history.

Telltale Talks

Telltale Talks "Walking Dead," "Fables" Games

Telltale Games has announced video games based on Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead," Bill Willingham's "Fables," and more. CBR spoke with some of the minds behind the digital-first games publisher for more details.

Willingham Unleashes Capes & Tights on

Willingham Unleashes Capes & Tights on "Fables"

Series creator Bill Willingham spoke with CBR News about who will answer roll call in the new "Fables" arc titled "Super Team," as a group of elite Fables head into battle against the evil Mister Dark.


REVIEW: "Cinderella: Fables are Forever" #1

Greg McElhatton gave "Cinderella: Fables are Forever" #1 4 stars, saying of the first installment of Chris Roberson and Shawn McManus' second Fables-based miniseries, "I'm looking forward to the next issue already."


REVIEW: "Sweet Tooth" #18

CBR reviewer Greg McElhatton gave "Sweet Tooth" #18 4 stars calling Jeff Lemire's experimental sideways children's book issue a "shift [which] fit the series overall both artistically and thematically."


REVIEW: "The New York Five" #1

James Hunt gives "The New York Five" #1 a 5 star review, praising the writing and art of the first issue of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's Vertigo follow-up to their previous Minx title, "New York Four."

Wood Plus Kelly Equals

Wood Plus Kelly Equals "New York Five"

CSBG's Kelly Thompson talks to Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly about their new Vertigo series, "The New York Five," the sequel to their previous collaboration for DC Comics' short-lived Minx imprint, "The New York Four."

Exclusive Preview:

Exclusive Preview: "Hellblazer" #275

John Constantine ties the knot in this week's "Hellblazer" #275 by Peter Milligan and Giuseppe Camuncoli, with uninvited guests from heaven and hell dropping by. CBR has an exclusive 5-page preview, courtesy of DC/Vertigo.

"Fables" Crew Gets a Super Hero Makeover

The latest "Fables" story arc bring capes and cowls to the denizens of Fabletown and today Vertigo Comics offered a preview of covers and interior art giving a glimpse into "Super Group."

VIDEO: Morrison Talks

VIDEO: Morrison Talks "Mentallo"

Respect Films has provided CBR with a clip from "Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods" featuring the writer explaining the origins of Flex Mentallo and how the character is rooted in Morrison's childhood experiences.

When Words Collide - 1/5/2011

When Words Collide - 1/5/2011

Tim joins us for a special Wednesday installment of WHEN WORDS COLLIDE to discuss the recent news of a Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely "Flex Mentallo" hardcover and why it's such an important comic book series.

"Flex Mentallo" Gets Collected

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's legendary "Flex Mentallo" miniseries finally sees collected form in Fall of 2011 as Vertigo has announced a Deluxe Hardcover edition including special bonus materials.

Murphy Takes

Murphy Takes "American Vampire" to War

Vertigo has announced that "Joe the Barbarian" artist Sean Murphy will join writer/creator Scott Snyder for an "American Vampire" miniseries set to coincide with a World War II story arc in the main title. ROBOT 6 has details.

Milligan Sounds Constantine's (Wedding) Bells

Milligan Sounds Constantine's (Wedding) Bells

Writer Peter Milligan spoke with CBR News about January's upcoming "Hellblazer" #275 which features what was once considered completely unthinkable: the wedding of John Constantine!


REVIEW: "American Vampire" #10

Doug Zawisza gave "American Vampire" #10 a 4 star review calling the latest issue of the Vertigo series by creator Scott Snyder and artist Mateus Santolouco "a book that you really should be reading"


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "American Vampire" #10

Courtesy of Vertigo, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "American Vampire" #10 by writer/creator Scott Snyder, guest artist Mateus Santolouco and a cover by Rafael Albuquerque. The issue hits December 22.


REVIEW: "Fables" #100

Greg McElhatton gave "Fables" #100 a 4 star review, calling the oversized package helmed by by creator Bill Willingham and longtime artist Mark Buckingham "a great celebration of 'Fables' hitting its 100th issue."

Lemire Checks Up on

Lemire Checks Up on "Sweet Tooth"

With "Sweet Tooth" Vol. 2 in stores this week, CBR News checked in with writer/artist Jeff Lemire to see what lies ahead for the nine-year old boy with antlers trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Great

The Great "Fables" Crossover Interview

As "Fables" reaches its landmark issue #100, CBR spoke with with creator Bill Willingham about the Eisner Award-winning title with "Jack of Fables" writer Matt Sturges stopping by to discuss the spinoff series' finale.



Courtesy of Vertigo, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Fables" #100. The oversized milestone issue is written by creator Bill Willingham with art by Mark Buckingham, Chrissie Zullo and more with a cover by Joao Ruas.

Murphy Revisits

Murphy Revisits "Hellblazer"

Sean Murphy, the artist of "Joe the Barbarian," spoke with CBR about his return to John Constantine in "Hellblazer: City of Demons," the new edition of his creator-owned "Off Road" and the status of "Punk Rock Jesus."

Reeder On

Reeder On "Batwoman, "Madame Xanadu"

Artist Amy Reeder spoke with CBR about her work on the final issue of “Madame Xanadu” and launching “Batwoman” #0, which pairs her with J.H. Williams III. Both issues on sale now from DC Comics.

CBR TV: Scott Snyder

CBR TV: Scott Snyder

"American Vampire" creator and writer Scott Snyder spoke with CBR TV about his plans for "Detective Comics," how he figures to incorporate the Batman Inc. status quo into his and artist Jock's storylines and more.

Carey Becomes

Carey Becomes "Untouchable"

British scribe Mike Carey spoke with CBR News about his upcoming Dynamite one-shot co-written with India's Samit Basu, discussing the exploration of cultural divides and the search for emotional identity.

Roberson Eats Away At

Roberson Eats Away At "iZombie"

Chris Roberson dug into the undead fun of his Vertigo title, explaining why "iZombie" is the perfect book for Mike Allred, how his longterm plan is shaping up and what surprise guests will appear along the journey.

Sarah Glidden on

Sarah Glidden on "How to Understand Israel"

CBR News talks with the creator of Vertigo's "How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less" about her experiences, the intersection of memoir and journalism and her upcoming trip to Iraq and Syria.

CBR TV: Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá

CBR TV: Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá

Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá stopped by CBR's NYCC tiki room to discuss who the better writer and artist is between the two, their collaborative process, the concepts behind the acclaimed "Daytripper" series and more.

DC Comics Solicitations for January, 2011

DC Comics Solicitations for January, 2011

DC Comics has released solicitation information and images for new comics and products shipping in January 2011, including the latest from "Brightest Day," "Batman Inc.," the prelude to "Flashpoint" and much more.


REVIEW: "American Vampire" #7

Ryan Lindsay gave Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's "American Vampire" #7 4 stars, saying, "you’re going to wish you were reading [this title] when it hits issue 50 and you’re still catching up through trades."

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC's Vertigo: On the Edge panel saw the announcement of "The Annotated Sandman," a new "Cinderella" miniseries and "The New York Five" while confirming a new book by chef Anthony Bourdain titled "Get Jiro!"

Bá and Moon on the Finer

Bá and Moon on the Finer "De:Tales"

Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon spoke with CBR about Dark Horse’s new edition of “De:Tales,” their early graphic novel of short stories in Brazil, and revealed a new self-published projected debuting at NYCC.

Vertigo Editors Laid Off in DC Restructuring

Vertigo Editors Laid Off in DC Restructuring

Vertigo editors Joan Hilty, Pornsak Pichetshote and Jonathan Vankin have reportedly been laid off from the imprint amidst DC Entertainment's continuing restructuring process. ROBOT 6 has the details.

Pipeline - 9/28/2010

Pipeline - 9/28/2010

Augie looks ahead at this week's release of Vertigo's "American Vampire" hardcover, but also peeks back at nearly 20 years of WildStorm comics, highlighting a few of the imprint's forgotten or overlooked titles.

Haspiel Visits

Haspiel Visits "Cuba, My Revolution"

Emmy winning artist Dead Haspiel spoke with CBR News about his latest Vertigo project, "Cuba, My Revolution," what it was like developing the story of his family friend and co-writer Inverna Lockpez and more.


REVIEW: "American Vampire" #6

Doug Zawisza gave Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's "American Vampire" #6 4.5 stars saying, "I’m enthused about what has happened in this book and look forward to more disturbing tales in months to come."

"American Vampire" Hits Vegas

Writer Scott Snyder strikes out on his own in a story that sees the first American Vampires land in 1930s Las Vegas for murder and intrigue based in and around the Depression's most depraved boom town.

Worst Case Scenario: Dreamy, The Teen Sandman

Worst Case Scenario: Dreamy, The Teen Sandman

Vertigo's Sandman is headed to television screens near you... but what if this isn't a good thing? SPINOFF's Graeme McMillan considers his nightmare adaptation.

Sturges Hosts

Sturges Hosts "House of Mystery Halloween Annual"

Writer Matthew Sturges talks with CBR about the special "House of Mystery" Halloween one-shot telling stories from all across the Vertigo line, including an all-new Lucifer tale by creators Mike Carey and Peter Gross.

Chrissie Zullo's

Chrissie Zullo's "Cinderella" Story

Up and coming artist Chrissie Zullo spoke with CBR about crafting covers for the just collected "Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love," being discovered at CCI and her first interior art gig in "Madame Xanadu" #26.