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A Conference of

A Conference of "Losers"

The cast, writer and director of "The Losers" assembled for a press conference last Sunday and CBR was there as the group discussed love scenes, fight scenes, the film's comic roots and actor Oscar Jaenada's eyes.

Meet The Losers: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Meet The Losers: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The man behind The Comedian sinks his teeth into a new comic book role as Jeffrey Dean Morgan leads the Losers as Clay, a man out for revenge, talks the next comic character he wants to play and more.

Meet The Losers: Chris Evans

Meet The Losers: Chris Evans

Before signing on to play Captain America, the actor best known as Johnny Storm sat down on the set of "The Losers" to talk cracking wise as computer hacker Jensen, what it was like working on "Scott Pilgrim" and more.

Meet The Losers: Zoe Saldana

Meet The Losers: Zoe Saldana

As the tattooed Aisha, Zoe Saldana brings an uncompromising tough girl take to the Losers' female team member and spoke with CBR about clashing with Morgan's Clay, taking on stunts and the future of "Star Trek."

CBR Visits

CBR Visits "The Losers"

Director Sylvain White, actor Columbus Short and others took CBR on a tour of the set for "The Losers," showing us the explosions, foul-mouthed camaraderie and more involved in adapting the acclaimed Vertigo title.

Jason Aaron Sharpens

Jason Aaron Sharpens "Scalped"

Writer Jason Aaron shares details about "Scalp's" early influences, why he loves his leading men – Bad Horse and Red Crow – and why the "Unwanted" arc will leave another lead character with some very difficult choices.

Wagner Makes “Madame Xanadu” Extra-Sensory

Wagner Makes “Madame Xanadu” Extra-Sensory

Writer Matt Wagner explores the mystical fringes of the DC Universe in "Madame Xanadu," and CBR caught up with him for a spell to talk about his newest story arc in the life of Vertigo's fortune-telling madame.


Albuquerque's "American Vampire" Tale

The artist behind Scott Snyder and Stephen King's new blood-sucking Vertigo monthly explains why he had to let his art grow up and what it takes to make vampires dirty, classy, bestial and sexy.

Vertigo Unleashes

Vertigo Unleashes "Vampire" Teases

While co-writers Stephen King and Scott Snyder embark on dueling interview tours (including here at CBR), the DC mature readers imprint unveils brand new Rafael Albuquerque pages from this week's "American Vampire."

Brian Wood's

Brian Wood's "Northlanders" Method

Brian Wood spoke with CBR News and delved into the topics of "Northlanders'" milestone 25th issue, his plans for the future of the series and the creator's incredibly massive collection of Viking research materials.

Jim Lee Covers

Jim Lee Covers "American Vampire"

DC's newly minted Co-Publisher pushes forward with his artistic endeavors providing a brand new variant for the March-debuting Vertigo series by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque.


Wood's "DMZ" Turns 50

Series creator and writer Brian Wood takes CBR News through the creative process behind the stories in "DMZ's" milestone issue #50, featuring a veritable Who's-Who of artistic talent while giving fans a preview of things to come.

Out of the Woods with “Sweet Tooth”

Out of the Woods with “Sweet Tooth”

CBR spoke with Jeff Lemire at his home in Toronto, Canada to discuss “Sweet Tooth,” his critically acclaimed series for Vertigo Comics— and he tells us that Gus and Jepperd’s post-apocalyptic journey has just begun.

"DEMO"-ing with Brian Wood

CBR spoke with the writer/creator of "DEMO" about the upcoming Vertigo miniseries, its entirely new cast of characters, recapturing his easygoing creative process with artist Becky Cloonan, and his feelings on creating a sequel.

First Trailer for

First Trailer for "The Losers" Debuts

Warner Bros. has released the first full trailer for their highly anticipated adaptation of "The Losers," their big budget action movie scheduled for an April 9 release and based on the Vertigo series by Andy Diggle and Jock.

Carey & Gross Unravel

Carey & Gross Unravel "The Unwritten"

With the first "Unwritten" collection, "Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity," on sale today, Mike Carey and Peter Gross share news about what's happened so far in their Vertigo Comics hit and what's to come in Year Two.

Vertigo's Marquee Sneak Peek

Vertigo's Marquee Sneak Peek

DC's Mature Reader imprint wraps the year with a pair of cover reveals for two of their 2010 offerings including the new series co-written by Stephen King and the OGN inspired by singer Neil Young

Grant Morrison's

Grant Morrison's "Barbarian"

In this, the first part of a two-part interview with comics superstar Grant Morrison, CBR News spoke with the writer who shed some light on the darkness surrounding his new creator-owned series from Vertigo Comics, "Joe the Barbarian."

Peter Milligan Revisits

Peter Milligan Revisits "Shade"

In the second of a two-part interview, the famed British writer discusses the re-release of "Shade, the Changing Man" and "Hellblazer" and reveals that the man from Meta and John Constantine will be crossing paths once again.

Peter Milligan Walks On

Peter Milligan Walks On "Greek Street"

In the first of a two-part interview, the famed British writer, who has a long and winding history with Vertigo, discusses "Greek Street," and reveals details of what's to come in future storylines. Plus, an exclusive look at issue #6.

Bá and Moon Go

Bá and Moon Go "Daytripping"

Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon talk with CBR News about their new Vertigo series, "Daytripper," the title's central story elements and origins, and the process involved in creating the non-linear tale of a Brazilian newspaper writer.

Baker Punches His Ticket For

Baker Punches His Ticket For "Luna Park"

CBR speaks with the New York Times bestselling author, Kevin Baker, about his first foray into comics with the Vertigo graphic novel "Luna Park," how a gangster being thrown out a window inspired his next novel, and more.

Roberson's Quantum of Cinderella

Roberson's Quantum of Cinderella

Clockwork Storybook alum Chris Roberson shares details about the "Fables" spinoff miniseries, "Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love," including where the title falls in terms of "Fables" continuity and who plays Q to Cindy's 007.

Brian Wood on the New “Northlanders” Arc

Brian Wood on the New “Northlanders” Arc

Series creator Brian Wood spills the info on the newest storyline hitting Russia, his mission statement for "Northlanders" as a whole, the complexity of Nordic names, and what’s in store for the future of the Vertigo Viking title.

Scott Snyder & Stephen King Launch

Scott Snyder & Stephen King Launch "American Vampire"

The up-and-comer, Snyder, and the horror icon, King, reinvent the vampire legend at Vertigo with a multi-decade tale of a new breed of bloodsucker, drawn by Rafael Albuquerque.

G. Willow Wilson Takes to the

G. Willow Wilson Takes to the "Air"

CBR News speaks with writer G. Willow Wilson for her thoughts on Amelia Earhart, the upcoming Hilary Swank movie, and how the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean fits so nicely into the world of "Air."

Truth and Consequences: Aaron On

Truth and Consequences: Aaron On "Scalped"

"Scalped" #32 is the midway point of "The Gnawing", the biggest arc so far in Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera's ongoing Native American crime saga. CBR spoke with Aaron about the arc as well as "Scalped" plans in 2010.

Mike Carey on

Mike Carey on "The Unwritten"

In "The Unwritten," truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction is much more powerful and dangerous. CBR spoke with writer Mike Carey about his ongoing Vertigo series and the second arc which kicks off in issue #6

Willingham on

Willingham on "Fables Deluxe" & "Peter and Max"

The fabled "Fables" creator speaks with CBR News about the upcoming "Fables Deluxe Edition" hardcover and then lifts some of the mystery on his upcoming prose novel, "Peter and Max: A Fables Novel," as well.

CBR TV: Bill Willingham

CBR TV: Bill Willingham

The Eisner-award winning writer of “Fables,” Bill Willingham talks to CBR TV about the hit Vertigo series and his numerous other projects including new creator-owned work with Gene Ha and a mysterious miniseries for Dynamite.

Jeff Lemire Has a “Sweet Tooth”

Jeff Lemire Has a “Sweet Tooth”

With his first ongoing series kicking off next week at Vertigo, Eisner nominee Jeff Lemire talks to CBR News about “Sweet Tooth,” his post-apocalyptic fantasy tale featuring Gus, the deer-antlered boy.

IN-DEPTH: Darick Robertson

IN-DEPTH: Darick Robertson

The co-creator of such hits as "Transmetropolitan" and "The Boys," Darick Robertson goes in-depth with CBR News about his career, from his first work on "Space Beaver" to his relaunch of "Wolverine" and more.

Talking with Vertigo's Karen Berger

Talking with Vertigo's Karen Berger

In this in-depth conversation, Vertigo’s Executive Editor Karen Berger discusses with CBR News the imprint's success in 2009, plans for 2010, and why she feels Vertigo is delivering the best work in the industry.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Comics Announces An Incentive On Vertigo's "Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love" #1

Fabletown Vs. San Diego

Fabletown Vs. San Diego

"Fables" creator Bill Willingham and Comic-Con's David Glanzer talk to CBR about the problems fans encounter at the increasingly media -focused San Diego show, where many Vertigo readers were denied entry to the "Fables" discussion panel.

CCI: Fables

CCI: Fables

Bill Willingham and the other creators behind "Fables," "Jack of Fables" and the newly announced "Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love" met with fans at Comic-Con International to share exciting news about the hit Vertigo franchise.

CCI: Vertigo Panel

CCI: Vertigo Panel

Vertigo's panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego featured discussions of much of the publisher's line, with a healthy roster of creators in attendance. Two new graphic novels and Mike Allred's latest project are announced within.

CCI: Jock's

CCI: Jock's "Losers" Poster Leaked

CBR News has acquired a copy of the promotional poster for "The Losers," featuring art by the Vertigo series' co-creator, Jock. Copies of the poster will be given away at Comic-Con International this weekend.

CCI: Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line

CCI: Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line

The hard-hitting word from Vertigo's burgeoning crime-line comes straight out of San Diego as well as word on brand new monthly series, and CBR is there live to bring all the noirish news!

Bill Willingham Talks Fables Novel

Bill Willingham Talks Fables Novel

Bill Willingham shares exclusive details about his forthcoming 400-page “Fables” prose novel, as well what’s coming in 2010 for the Big Bad Wolf. We've also got the full first chapter of "Peter & Max."