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The Mission - 2/2/2015

The Mission - 2/2/2015

With the return of THE COLOR BARRIER for Black History Month, Joseph Illidge considers why the "Storm" series is not selling well in today's market.

Pak Makes

Pak Makes "Storm" America's Most Wanted

CBR spoke with “Storm” writer Greg Pak about his plans for Ororo Munroe now that her enemies have framed her for an act of terrorism.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Pak & Ibanez' "Storm" #7

Ororo is public enemy #1 in Marvel Comics' "Storm" #7, and CBR has an exclusive first look at the issue out Jan. 7 by Greg Pak & Victor Ibanez.


X-POSITION: Pak on "Storm's" Legacy and Ororo's Rivals

Greg Pak answers your questions about Storm's solo series from Marvel and teases the arrival of an all-new foe for the hero.

Pak Creates a Chaotic

Pak Creates a Chaotic "Storm" with the Death of Wolverine

Greg Pak tells CBR about the upcoming "Storm" arc that finds Ororo dealing with some of the unfinished business of her deceased lover Wolverine.

X-POSITION: Pak Calls Down the Lightning for

X-POSITION: Pak Calls Down the Lightning for "Storm"

Greg Pak discusses upcoming developments for Storm in her new ongoing series, and her role as a Goddess of weather. Plus, exclusive art!

PREVIEW: Pak and Ibañez's

PREVIEW: Pak and Ibañez's "Storm" #1 Takes Flight in July

Greg Pak and Victor Ibañez kick off Ororo Munroe's first solo ongoing series in July with "Storm" #1, and you can check out a preview, now!

X-POSITION: Greg Pak Weathers the

X-POSITION: Greg Pak Weathers the "Storm"

Upcoming "Storm" writer Greg Pak answers your questions about Ororo Munroe's first ongoing series at Marvel. Plus, exclusive art from issue #1!

Greg Pak Issues a

Greg Pak Issues a "Storm" Warning for the X-Men's Ororo Munroe

CBR News spoke to Greg Pak about giving Ororo Munroe her first ever ongoing series as "Storm" goes solo this July at Marvel Comics.

Milligan, Guggenheim Tackle Next Wave of DC Digital-First Comics

Milligan, Guggenheim Tackle Next Wave of DC Digital-First Comics

DC Comics has announced a new creator line-up for "Adventures of Superman" & "Legends of the Dark Knight" digital-first series.

Josh Williamson Resurrects

Josh Williamson Resurrects "Captain Midnight" in DHP

Writer Joshua Williamson and Dark Horse President Mike Richardson discuss the return and revamp of Golden Age hero Captain Midnight in the pages of "Dark Horse Presents."

Fraction Brings Things into Concordance in

Fraction Brings Things into Concordance in "Defenders"

Writer Matt Fraction has plunged the "Defenders" into an ancient mystery at the heart of the Marvel Universe, and CBR News spoke with him about the opening arc and his future plans. Plus, exclusive preview pages.


REVIEW: "Blackhawks" #4

Doug Zawisza gives "Blackhawks" #4 by Costa, Nolan and Ibanez 3.5 stars, calling the title "a fine offering for readers looking to scratch that 'Checkmate' itch in the relaunched DCU."


REVIEW: "Swamp Thing" #3

Ryan K. Lindsay gives "Swamp Thing" #3 4.5 stars praising the creative team of Scott Snyder, Victor Ibanez and Yanick Pacquette by saying, "Horror has never felt so good."


REVIEW: "Our Army At War"

CBR's Doug Zawisza gave DC Comics' "Our Army At War" 4.5 stars saying, "I was on board with the Joe Kubert cover, expecting gritty and gruff, but the story inside was much deeper, more personal, and quite memorable."