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Kazu Kibuisihi Takes a Final

Kazu Kibuisihi Takes a Final "Flight"

With the final volume on sale this week, CBR News spoke with the cartoonist about editing the influential, long running anthology, plus details on his Scholastic series "Amulet."

Meredith Gran Bakes An

Meredith Gran Bakes An "Octopus Pie"

Webcomics mainstay Meredith Gran spoke with CBR News about her new collection, "Octopus Pie: There Are No Stars in Brooklyn," which has just been published by Random House's Villard Books imprint.

Koren Shadmi: In The Flesh

Koren Shadmi: In The Flesh

New York-based Israeli cartoonist and illustrator Koren Shadmi talks about his new book, "In The Flesh," its surrealist imagery, playing with comic book conventions, and just how realistic his book really is.