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Zombies Are People, Too

Zombies Are People, Too

On BBC Three's upcoming drama "In the Flesh," zombies can be rehabilitated and returned to society, where they not only struggle for acceptance but grapple with the guilt for the horrible acts they committed.



Director Jonathan Levine's offbeat supernatural romance "Warm Bodies" is both hilarious and horrific, blending the best of George A. Romero and John Hughes for a refreshing tale of a young zombie in love.

"Warm Bodies'" Jonathan Levine On Zombie Love and Jell-O Brains

"Warm Bodies" writer/director Jonathan Levine discusses adapting Isaac Marion's beloved supernatural romance, drawing inspiration from everyone from George A. Romero to John Hughes, and eating brains.

Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Arrow: December 28th Comic Reel

Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Arrow: December 28th Comic Reel

Christopher Nolan discusses "Man of Steel!" A new "Pacific Rim" still hits the web! Seth Gabel teases his villainous guest spot in "Arrow" as Count Vertigo! Plus, test footage for "Hong Kong Phooey" and more!

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