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PRESS RELEASE: Sequart's "Planetary" Book in Current "PREVIEWS" Catalog

Crabapple on

Crabapple on "Transmet," Dr. Sketchy & the CBLDF

Artist Molly Crabapple spoke with CBR News about last week's Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School "Transmetropolitan"-themed event held to benefit the CBLDF and the Hero Initiative.

When Words Collide - 3/7/2011

When Words Collide - 3/7/2011

This week, Tim talks with Cody Walker, editor of "Keeping the World Strange: A Planetary Guide," about all things Warren Ellis. But they mostly end up chatting about "Planetary" and its importance in the history of comics.

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

Comic Book Legends Revealed!

This week, learn the origin of how Alan Moore and Alan Davis came to work together on Captain Britain! Did Warren Ellis re-work an Excalibur story for an X-Men mini-series? Plus, Alan Moore's connection to... BJ and the Bear?

PRESS RELEASE: Wertham Documentary a Shocking Tale of Comics History

PRESS RELEASE: Sequart Announces the Year of Warren Ellis

"Red" Rounds Out Golden Globe Noms

The Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner WildStorm adaptation earns a nod in the "Best Motion Picture: Comedy Or Musical" and will go up against such films as "The Kids Are All Right" and "Burlesque."


PREVIEWS: "Hotwire: Deep Cut" & "Abattoir"

Courtesy of Radical Comics, CBR presents exclusive previews of "Abattoir" #1 and Steve Pugh's "Hotwire: Deep Cut" #2, both on sale this Wednesday, October 27.

Schwentke & di Bonaventura Work

Schwentke & di Bonaventura Work "RED"

Director Robert Schwentke and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura describe the process of moving from Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s dark comic book miniseries to the light-hearted ensemble action comedy that is “RED."

NYCC: Marvel Anime Panel

NYCC: Marvel Anime Panel

The "Iron Man" anime doesn't premiere on G4 until next summer, but fans were treated to a glimpse, as well as other Marvel anime efforts at the New York Comic Con, and CBR News has all the details.

NYCC: Talking

NYCC: Talking "RED" with Cully Hamner

Artist and series co-creator Cully Hamner and editor Ben Abernathy discussed the past, present and future of "RED," in both it's comic book and film forms, in front of an audience during their NYCC panel.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "RED"

"RED," the latest love letter to action and caper films of a bygone era, features strong performances from a cast of Oscar notables and an adaptation that expands the world far beyond the comic upon which it is based.

Willis & Urban Walk the

Willis & Urban Walk the "RED" Carpet

"RED" co-stars Bruce Willis and Karl Urban spoke about working together on the Summit Entertainment adaptation of the DC Comics title, the ambitiousness of the film and filming a rather painful fight scene.

When Words Collide - 9/27/2010

When Words Collide - 9/27/2010

In light of last week's news about the shuttering of Wildstorm, Tim takes a look back at all the goodness from the DC Comics imprint from over the years and lists the Twenty Best Wildstorm Comics of All Time.

PRESS RELEASE: Avatar Press in November

Pipeline - 8/17/2010

Pipeline - 8/17/2010

This week, Augie rereads "NextWave: Agents of H.A.T.E." and finds what he calls "the most perfect comic." Also, some thoughts on the coloring of "Kick Ass," the truth of "Peter Pan" and more on digital comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Knights Animation: "Iron Man - Extremis" Blasts Onto DVD

When Words Collide - 8/16/2010

When Words Collide - 8/16/2010

This week, Timothy delves deeply into Warren Ellis and John Cassaday's "Planetary" #7, reflecting on the landmark issue's Vertigo influence and explaining what it all means.


CCI: "Iron Man" Anime to Air on G4

Jeph Loeb unveiled Marvel TV’s first anime project at Comic-Con International in addition to announcing three upcoming Warren Ellis animated projects scheduled to air on cable network G4.


CCI: "Red" Press Conference

Stars Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and Karl Urban joined series creators Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner after their panel at Comic-Con International to discuss comics, adapting "Red" to film and old age.

Pipeline - 8/3/2010

Pipeline - 8/3/2010

Augie discusses how he watched Comic-Con International: San Diego unfurl on his computer screen, and some of the games he played with it. Also, 'Absolute Planetary' finishes the series with a strong second volume.

CCI: Wildstorm Focus on

CCI: Wildstorm Focus on "RED: The Comic Book"

The creative teams behind "RED" and its upcoming film adaptation spoke with fans at Comic-Con, discussing the how the comic book became a movie and what new projects are coming from the franchise.


CCI: "RED" Theatrical Trailer Released

Summit Entertainment released the full theatrical trailer for their adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's Wildstorm miniseries "RED." The movie, starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and more opens October 15.

CCI: Summit Releases New

CCI: Summit Releases New "RED" Stills

Summit Entertainment has released three new stills featuring Helen Mirren and John Malkovich from their upcoming adaptation of the Wildstorm-published "RED" by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner.

Vertigo To Release Warren Ellis'

Vertigo To Release Warren Ellis' "Shoot"

The canceled issue of "Hellblazer" focusing on school shootings by Warren Ellis and Phil Jimenez will finally see release in what the publisher is branding a "Vertigo Resurrected" line of issues formerly kept off the market.

Steve Pugh Collects

Steve Pugh Collects "Hotwire"

As Radical releases a trade paperback of Steve Pugh and Warren Ellis' "Hotwire," CBR News catches up with series co-creator Pugh about the experience of writing and drawing and the extras included in the collection.

Marvel Motion Comics Get

Marvel Motion Comics Get "Extremis"

Producer Ruwan Jayatilleke and artist Adi Granov discuss with CBR the release of the Iron Man motion comic based on the popular "Extremis" story by Granov and writer Warren Ellis.


VIDEO: "Iron Man: Extremis" Motion Comic Trailer

Marvel Comics has released the first trailer for "Iron Man: Extremis," the publisher's latest motion comic endeavor which will adapt the popular Warren Ellis and Adi Granov storyline.

Kaare Andrews Prepares To

Kaare Andrews Prepares To "Astonish"

The artist joins Warren Ellis for an "Astonishing X-Men" miniseries that mixes an expressive African setting with an intense scifi mystery while also preparing to share his feature film directorial debut with fans.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Unveils Granov’s New Iron Man Cover

Principal Photography Starts on

Principal Photography Starts on "Red"

Summit Entertainment has announced that principal photography has begun on the live-action adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's Wildstorm miniseries "Red," which will star Bruce Willis and other A-list actors.

When Words Collide - 11/2/2009

When Words Collide - 11/2/2009

As promised last week, Tim takes on the comics of Warren Ellis, ranking the likes of "Stormwatch/The Authority," "Astonishing X-Men," "Global Frequency," and "Desolation Jones," in the Warren Ellis Top 10.

PRESS RELEASE: Radical Collects The Critically Acclaimed "Hotwire"

CCC09: Extreme New Books From Ellis & Moore Top Avatar Announcements

CCC09: Extreme New Books From Ellis & Moore Top Avatar Announcements

New work from Warren Ellis like "Supergod," "Captain Swing" and the new George R.R. Martin title "Skin Trade" were among the announcements at the Avatar Press panel.

Warren Ellis Working on Arthurian Legends Film

Warren Ellis Working on Arthurian Legends Film

In a posting on his official site, Warren Ellis announced Monday that he is writing a film treatment for a story based on the Arthurian legends. Produced by Hollywood Gang, the film is presently known as "Excalibur."

PREVIEW: Astonishing X-Men #30

PREVIEW: Astonishing X-Men #30

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR brings you an exclusive preview of "Astonishing X-Men" #30 by Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi, on sale June 24 in comics stores everywhere.

Process Junkie: Simmons on Comicbook Script Archive

Process Junkie: Simmons on Comicbook Script Archive

Webmaster Tim Simmons talks to CBR about The Comicbook Script Archive, a website designed to showcase the art of comics writing and featuring work by Ellis, Fraction, Bendis and more.

Larry Young on AiT/Planet Lar's 10th Anniversary

Larry Young on AiT/Planet Lar's 10th Anniversary

AiT/Planet Lar celebrated its tenth anniversary in March, and CBR News caught up with publisher Larry Young to discuss his experiences in the field of indie comics with titles like "Channel Zero" and "Astronauts in Trouble."

Lying In The Gutters - 2/2/2009

Lying In The Gutters - 2/2/2009

A crazy swipe file, whatever happened to "Legion of Super-Heroes" #50, the Diamond Comics Distributor best publisher of the year, the Top 10 likely effects of Diamond's distibution changes and more in this week's LYING IN THE GUTTERS.

Steve Pugh Talks

Steve Pugh Talks "Hotwire"

Based on an original story by Warren Ellis, "Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead" is a new four-issue miniseries from Radical Comics. Steve Pugh talks about the February book, which he both scripted and fully painted.