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SDCC: WayForward & Capcom Upgrade

SDCC: WayForward & Capcom Upgrade "DuckTales"

Nostalgic 8-bit legend "DuckTales" returns, as Capcom reintroduces Scrooge McDuck and company to a new generation of players in hi-def remake "DuckTales Remastered."


WayForward's "Aliens" Infest the Nintendo DS

CBR News discussed "Aliens: Infestation" with director Adam Tierney and producer Jeff Pomegranate who explained what is involved in bringing the legendary sci-fi franchise to a new portable gaming experience.

Hands On with

Hands On with "Aliens: Infestation"

In space, no one can hear you scream, but CBR News yelled plenty as we played through SEGA’s upcoming Nintendo DS title "Aliens: Infestation," featuring designs by comic artist Chris Bachalo.