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Movie Legends Revealed: The Shocking Origin of

Movie Legends Revealed: The Shocking Origin of "Scream's" Ghostface Mask

Was the mask used in "Scream" discovered in an abandoned house during location scouting for the film?

Movie Legends Revealed: Did

Movie Legends Revealed: Did "Dream Weaver" Inspire "A Nightmare on Elm Street?"

This week, Brian Cronin climbs aboard the "Dream Weaver" train to discover whether the hit 1970s pop song influenced Wes Craven to create "A Nightmare on Elm Street."

Steve Niles Uncovers

Steve Niles Uncovers "Mystery Society Special 2013"

Steve Niles discusses his upcoming "Mystery Society" special for IDW, dishing out plot details on the genre-bending comic, updating CBR on his and Wes Craven's "Coming of Rage" and "Chin Music" with Tony Harris.

Wes Craven, Steve Niles Team For Movie/Comics Project

Wes Craven, Steve Niles Team For Movie/Comics Project

Masters of horror Wes Craven and Steve Niles are partnering to create a comic called Coming of Rage that will be developed for the big screen by producer Arnold Rifkin and Liquid Comics.



The latest installment in creator Wes Craven's long-running horror franchise, "Scream 4" reunites a cast of favorites to invoke and honor the spirit of the first movie while more than making up for the third one.

SPINOFF: Craven Talks

SPINOFF: Craven Talks "Scream 4"

Director Wes Craven and the cast of "Scream 4," led by returning stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, discuss their experience making the film and the legacy of the popular franchise.

PRESS RELEASE: Wes Craven to Create Original Graphic Novel

CCI: Rogue Pictures

CCI: Rogue Pictures

Wes Craven's first script in 14 years, inspirational earthquakes, man-eating bugs, haunted sets, and David Goyer's approval of the punking of Gary Oldman were the topics of Rogue Pictures' presentation at Comic-Con International.