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CBR Q&A: "Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop"

Capcom's zombie game "Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop" shambled onto the Nintendo Wii this week, and CBR talked to Colin Ferris about why the game is a different experience from "Dead Rising" on the Xbox 360.

He's So Cute:

He's So Cute: "Death Jr.: Root of Evil" comes to Wii

The popular comics and game franchise Death Jr. has found its way to the Wii gaming system, and CBR News talks to producer James Stanley about what fans can expect from the new "Root of Evil."

PRESS RELEASE: Strong Bad set to take over your Wii this summer

Stars to Voice

Stars to Voice "Incredible Hulk" Video Game + New Screenshots

Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and the stars of "The Incredible Hulk" will lend their voices to the film's video game adaptation, from which we have a gallery of new screenshots.

GO Wii RACER, GO! Developer talks

GO Wii RACER, GO! Developer talks "Speed Racer" Video Game

"Speed Racer" is coming to cinemas and the Wii, courtesy of Warner Bros and Sidhe Interactive, and producer/designer Andy Satterthwaite is here to tell you all you need to know about "Car-Fu."