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PREVIEW: The Titans Are Dead in

PREVIEW: The Titans Are Dead in "Teen Titans: Futures End" #1

With the Titans no longer breathing, a new group of heroes will rise in Will Pfeifer & Andy Smith's "Teen Titans: Futures End" #1.

"Teen Titans" Writer Will Pfeifer on Teenage Heroes, Social Media & Indie Rock Stardom

Will Pfeifer's "Teen Titans" gets modern with fictional tweets, posts and selfies, while Raven is poised to become an indie rock star.

Action and Teenage Fame Collide in Pfeifer's

Action and Teenage Fame Collide in Pfeifer's "Teen Titans"

Will Pfeifer discusses his plans to mix teenage fame with high action when he and artist Kenneth Rocafort relaunch "Teen Titans."

"Teen Titans" Writer Will Pfeifer Responds to Cover Critique, Social Media Reaction

Will Pfeifer, writer of the DC's new "Teen Titans" series, discusses the fan reaction to Janelle Asselin's "Anatomy of a Bad Cover" editorial.

Pfeifer, Rocafort Relaunch

Pfeifer, Rocafort Relaunch "Teen Titans" in July

"Teen Titans" will relaunch in July at the hands of current "Red Hood and the Outlaws" scribe Will Pfeifer and artist Kenneth Rocafort.

Will Pfeifer Takes Over

Will Pfeifer Takes Over "Red Hood and the Outlaws" From James Tynion

With James Tynion IV focused on "Batman Eternal," former "Catwoman" scribe Will Pfeifer returns to DC Comics on "Red Hood and the Outlaws."