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PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces "Jungle Book" Miniseries for "Grimm Fairy Tales"

Raven Gregory Accompanies Alice Back to

Raven Gregory Accompanies Alice Back to "Wonderland"

Writer Raven Gregory takes readers back down the rabbit hole for the escapades of the original Wonderland heroine in Zenescope's newest Grimm Fairy Tales installment, "Alice in Wonderland."

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces New "Alice and Wonderland" Series

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Entertainment Announces Comic-Con International Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Entertainment Announces New Creator Owned Graphic Novel "Terminal ALICE"

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces FCBD Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Entertainment Announces Digital Publishing Strategy

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces "Fly" Ongoing

PRESS RELEASE: Zenecope Offers Brand New "Grimm" Exclusive Through "Brimstone" #1

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Plans to Release Barnes & Noble Exclusive Cover

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Comics Coming to PSP

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces "Grimm Fairy Tales" Universe Crossover Event


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends"

Courtesy of Zenescope, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends" #1 by Raven Gregory and David Miller with a cover by J. Scott Campbell. The issue hits January 19.

Zenescope's Expert

Zenescope's Expert "Monster Hunters"

Launching their latest horror-influenced franchise, Zenescope Entertainment prepares fans for encounters with the supernatural with the "Monster Hunters' Survival Guide" as penned by expert JP Russ.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces Brand New "Monster Hunters' Survival Guide" Series

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope's "Charmed" #1 Sells Out

CCI: Zenescope Takes

CCI: Zenescope Takes "Charmed" from TV to Comics

ROBOT 6 spoke with Zenescope's Paul Ruditis and Raven Gregory about their new licensed series, what readers can expect from it, reaching out to the show's fanbase and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Silver Dragon Books and Discovery Communications to Make Graphic Novels Geared Toward Fans of All Ages

Gregory and Ruditis Are

Gregory and Ruditis Are "Charmed"

Co-writers Raven Gregory and Paul Ruditis spoke with CBR News about the new Zenescope ongoing series, "Charmed," which picks up the witch sisters' story where the popular television series' finale left off.

Zenescope Brings

Zenescope Brings "Charmed" To Comics

The publisher best known for its "Grimm Fairy Tales" series has inked a deal to bring the long-running WB TV series to comics with a June-debuting series by "Charmed" novelist Paul Ruditis and Raven Gregory.


FIRST LOOK: "Grimm Fairy Tales" #50

Courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment, CBR presents an exclusive First Look at the covers for the 50th issue of the publisher's "Grimm Fairy Tales," featuring artwork by Angel Medina, Franchesco and Al Rio.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces "Tales from Wonderland" Volume 3

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope and Persistent Set To Produce "The Piper"

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces "Neverland" Offer To Retailers

Zenescope Takes Flight to

Zenescope Takes Flight to "Neverland"

Writer, creator and Zenescope President Joe Brusha sheds light on the publisher's newest "Grimm Fairy Tales" miniseries, "Neverland," which will take readers to a very different place than the one they may remember from childhood.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces Comic-Con International Plans

Raven Gregory's Tales from Wonderland

Raven Gregory's Tales from Wonderland

Zenescope Entertainment's Raven Gregory sits down with CBR News to discuss his brand-new "Tales From Wonderland" series, set to focus on the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen and other Wonderland denizens.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Announces Third "Wonderland" Mini-Series

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope Cancels "No Quarter" Pirate Series

Pat Croce Offers Zenescope

Pat Croce Offers Zenescope "No Quarter"

We talk to Pat Croce about Zenescope’s “No Quarter,” the latest in the entrepreneur’s pirate brand, which also includes the Pirate Soul museum in Florida and an upcoming big-budget Blackbeard film.

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope to provide comic book fans "No Quarter" in 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope announces new line of branded apparel, paraphanalia

PRESS RELEASE: Zenoscope launches "Zenoscope Girl of the Month" contest in 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope teams with Hustlenomics for Toyz Nation Expo



The Commentary Track is back with comics superstar J. Scott Campbell and colorist Nei Ruffino walking us through the creation process behind their cover for Zenescope's "Beyond Wonderland" #1

PRESS RELEASE: Campbell, Finch to cover "Beyond Wonderland"

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope reveals WizardWorld Chicago exclusive covers

PRESS RELEASE: Josh Medors' "Willow Creek" postponed

PRESS RELEASE: Preview: Zenescope's WizardWorld exclusive cover art

PRESS RELEASE: Zenescope to offer exclusive "Return to Wonderland" cover at Emerald City Comic Con